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SUCCESS SNAPSHOT: high visibility county NEEDED to make sure Their elections were as secure as possible

With the 2020 elections approaching, one of the United States’ highest visibility Counties embraced the responsibility that it had to ensure it facilitated the most secure elections possible. Knowing that successful elections involve far more than just election day activities, they looked to StratumPoint to provide expertise, guidance, and solutions.


Beginning a year out, SPI was integrated into the elections preparations as part of the team. Supporting the continuum of elections-related components began with analyzing and refining IT and security policies and procedures while consulting on technology-driven risks associated with known vulnerabilities and threat actor trends. Ongoing collection and analysis of threats and warnings in the clear and dark webs provided persistent overwatch that allowed their departments to focus on their mission.


As the elections approached, social engineering training was rolled out as well as multiple, progressive, fully-facilitated tabletop exercises that helped disparate departments prepare for the array of potential incidents that may arise before and during the election. When in-person voting began, StratumPoint provided direct support to the elections team, helping to identify and resolve issues while serving as an expert liaison to key State and Federal resources and groups.


The result was a flawlessly executed election led and facilitated by dedicated personnel now armed with increased training, robust policies, and strengthened enabling external relationships that set them up for continued success.

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