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A rapidly growing tech startup had been focusing solely on the development and rollout of their product when realized that they had some serious gaps in their security posing potentially serious threats. With security-related concerns taking a back seat to development and roll-out, StratumPoint stepped in to help build out their security program so they could focus on what they do best.


Taking an experienced, consultative approach supported by a truly flexible and easy-to-work-with methodology, SPI worked with the organization to build out its security program beginning with policies built on years of experience and industry best practices. Security analysts and experts worked with key stakeholders and key personnel to develop requirements that drove infrastructure and personnel development to secure them against the spectrum of threats their rapidly growing company faced.


Custom training programs were developed and delivered to their personnel that helped to further harden their attack surface while providing them the tools for an enduring impact and long-term sustainability. The efforts greatly improved their security posture and positioned them well for launch while rounding out this aspect of their operations that helped reduce potential concerns that may arise for their next round of venture funding.

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