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TRAINING: Successfully increasing user awareness is the single best way increase an organization’s long-term security trajectory. Combining almost two decades of intelligence-driven security experience with decades of training program creation and delivery, StratumPoint equips management and organic personnel with the skills and knowledge necessary to harden their assets against the spectrum of potential risks and hazards. Available training programs include a full range of social engineering, attack identification, and communications improvement. Additionally, StratumPoint can create tailored training solutions to best address an organization’s specific needs. Delivery mediums are available as in-person, virtual, and web-delivered options.


EXERCISE SUPPORT: Additionally, StratumPoint creates and facilitates beginning to advanced table-top exercises (TTX) for both public and private sector organizations. With decades of exercise experience, StratumPoint can take an organization through the “crawl, walk, run” phases and include identification, communications, and response aspects of a wide variety of cyber-related incidents.

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